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Ascent takes off in Chile

Ascent users can now avail of air taxis to commute across cities and regions in Chile.

We are pleased to announce that Ascent is becoming global, expanding its footprint to Chile. Beyond Asia Pacific, Ascent users in Chile can now avail of air taxis and enjoy experiences of a new kind. With Ascent, users can connect between Santiago and popular locations in a matter of minutes.

This launch represents an important milestone for Ascent, as we expand to Latin America, starting with vibrant Chile. This market entry is the foundation stone of Ascent’s ambition in Latin America, the second world region with highest air mobility needs. Thanks to our business model we prove one flight at a time our unique ability to open new markets remotely at an unrivaled pace.

To make that happen, Ascent partners with best-in-class, safety vetted and leading helicopter operators such as Rotortec, leader in Chile in helicopter passenger transport. Thanks to these partnerships, we now seamlessly offer rideshare and private flights across Santiago and surrounding regions, providing airport transfers, on-demand air taxi and experiences of a new kind.

“We are proud to partner with Ascent to pioneer Air Mobility in Chile. With our growing fleet of helicopters, perfectly fit for the purpose of Air Mobility, this partnership will enable Rotortec to unlock a new demand and maximize the use of our assets.” says Francisco Fluxá Hernández, CEO of Rotortec.

Ascent’s users can now access their preferred destinations, such as weekend getaways, wineries, remote beaches, or mountains, in a matter of minutes, safely within a crowd-free environment.

With Ascent, air taxi users own their time accessing their flights on Ascent air mobility platform. Simply book on Ascent Chile and fly. With Ascent, in addition to safety, comfort and reliability, users fly with the peace of mind that their air mobility is made climate neutral as Ascent offsets its carbon emissions with United Nations certified projects.

To introduce the vertical transportation to the public, Ascent offers as well experiences and breathtaking scenic flights above Chilean natural marvels, like the Andes Mountains, lakes, coasts and active volcanoes.

We are excited to open this new chapter of Ascent, as it brings us one step closer to making air mobility the new normal. While democratizing air mobility and making it affordable for everyone is at the heart of our vision, we resolutely pursue our work of catalyzing the entry of all-electric aircraft while developing the market thanks to helicopters, seaplanes and planes today.

About Ascent

Ascent is a Singapore based company powering Air Mobility since 2019. Technology and experience driven, Ascent brings a Global Air Mobility Platform that integrates ecosystems and runs operations such as air taxi, touristic, cargo and medical services, within urban areas and across regions. Ascent ambitions to democratize Air Mobility, as a convenient, reliable and sustainable mode of mobility that addresses congestion, connectivity, environmental and health issues generated by rapid urbanization and the pandemic. Ascent is operational in Chile, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Awaiting all-electric aircraft such as eVTOLs, Ascent makes use of helicopters, planes and seaplanes today.

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