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Why Ascent, from our founder

Founder and CEO of Ascent, Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff

We are living in exciting times. We enter this new decade with groundbreaking technologies, social, economic and green new business models, where existing and coming challenges are approached holistically, towards a better life as a community, globally. This is particularly true in the field of mobility.

With five billion people predicted to live in cities by 2030, generating more congestion and connectivity concerns than ever before, increasing global emissions, and the surge of COVID-19, sustainable mobility becomes a priority raised by the United Nations as crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and that call for an innovative and democratized mobility solution.

Land transportation is showing its limits with an increasing number of vehicles on the roads, limited space and infrastructure challenges in megacities across the world. So where should we look for a viable solution? We believe the skies across cities and regions offer a new opportunity. By leveraging on the untapped air space with the use of helicopters and planes today, and all-electric aircraft in the future such as eVTOLs, we can further democratize air transportation for our day-to-day needs. According to a 2020 report prepared by Morgan Stanley Research, the global air mobility industry, which includes manufacturing, related technology and infrastructure, passengers, medical and cargo transportation, is expected to be approximately $123 billion by 2025 and grow to approximately $640 billion by 2035. By 2040, passengers of eVTOLs are expected to reach approx one billion on a yearly basis. This would result in shifting the mobility paradigm by skipping the traffic, accessing the remote, and ultimately connecting us better, allowing us to regain control of our time. This possibility is now a reality with Air Mobility. A whole new industry is coming together. Hundreds of flying cars and air taxi projects have emerged from leading aviation and automotive stakeholders as well as startups, and regulators are aligning for what is coming within this decade. Within this new industry, future activities include passenger services, namely mass market commuting, cargo services for the mass market last mile delivery, and medical services for emergency responses.

With the arrival of next-generation all-electric aircraft and autonomous drones, we believe companies like ASCENT will play a significant role in democratizing air mobility but there is no reason to wait. Whether air taxi, touristic, cargo or medical services, there already is an existing ecosystem with helicopters, jets, seaplanes, and already existing infrastructure that fulfills the technical and safety requirements to make it work. And thanks to the digital and ride-sharing economies, they can now be made accessible to a broad audience, in a scalable and sustainable manner.

This is why we created ASCENT - with the vision to make Air Mobility a reality today and enable the ecosystem required. With the ambition to democratize Air Mobility as a convenient, reliable and sustainable mode of mobility, we have started our activities in South East Asia, a region where major cities are crippled with high traffic congestion and connectivity issues.

Our business model is crafted around making air mobility more cost-efficient and sustainable through fuel-efficient aircraft, carbon offset and catalyzing the entry of all-electric aircraft to ensure our carbon neutrality. We have set up a dedicated ecosystem based on our customer-centric vision and powered by our all-in-one proprietary technology. People and businesses now have the possibility to own their time by moving in the skies seamlessly and affordably within and around congested cities or between hubs of activity like airports, business districts, and leisure destinations. Beyond enabling flights of passengers, medical and cargo services, ASCENT also plays the central role of an Air Mobility holistic integrator that entrenches ecosystems and runs air operations within urban areas and across regions. Through our technology, we set up the ecosystem, plug-in stakeholders, share data insights among stakeholders, maximize the use of assets, orchestrate the overall journey and provide the customer's interface.

With ASCENT, we believe we can contribute in a scalable, sustainable and impactful manner. In 2019, we commenced our journey in the largest city of Southeast Asia and second world most congested area, Manila, Philippines. Today, we are also operational in Thailand and in Singapore, and we look forward to bringing ASCENT to new destinations in the region and beyond.

We welcome anyone as passionate or practical about air mobility to join us in elevating our mobility as a partner or simply as a passenger.

Hope to fly you soon,

Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff

About Ascent

Ascent is a Singapore based startup powering Air Mobility in Asia. Technology and experience driven, Ascent is a Global Air Mobility Platform that integrates ecosystems and runs operations such as air taxi, touristic, cargo and medical services, within urban areas and across regions. Ascent ambitions to democratize Air Mobility, as a convenient, reliable and sustainable mode of mobility that addresses congestion, connectivity, environmental sustainability and health issues generated by rapid urbanization and the pandemic. Ascent is operational in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Chile and the United Arab Emirates. Awaiting all-electric aircraft such as eVTOLs, Ascent makes use of helicopters and planes today.

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